Your entry fee only covers the expenses. You are expected to obtain sponsorship money to support our charity as a contribution for a great day of riding.

Red and Black Routes (20 and 37 miles):

Open to those aged 12 and over

Adults // £20 until 1st June / £25 on the day

Green and Blue Routes (5 and 10 miles):

Adults // £14 until 1st June / £19 on the day

Under 12s // £3 until 1st June / £5 on the day

Families (2 adults and up to 2 children under 12) // £25 until 1st June / £30 on the day

You will receive an email with your entry details on it. This MUST be printed out and brought with you to the registration desk on the day. Any questions about this can be emailed to our helpdesk at:

The routes are either on bridleways or minor roads. In some parts the ground is bumpy and challenging. The profile of each route can be seen on the web site. The route in each case is clearly marked and there is no need for maps. There will also be plenty of friendly marshals along the routes to encourage you on.

Yes, yummy free refreshments at stops along the way and at the finish venue! There should be no need to bring any extra food and drink with you, except perhaps a water bottle if you are intending to do the longer routes..

Yes, registration will be open from 7.45am

On the day fees are as follows: – (Payment methods accepted are cash, cheques and credit cards)

Red and Black Routes (20 and 37 miles):

Only open to those aged 12 and over

Adults // £25

Green and Blue Routes (5 and 10 miles):

Adults // £19

Under 12s // £5

Families (2 adults and up to 2 children under 12) // £30

There is additional parking at the Southwell Leisure Centre Overflow Car park and access to event parking will be clearly signed from the major routes as you get near to the venue Please go to our map for more details

Yes, we aim to have a cut off 6 hours after the start of the event. The sweeper cyclist will set off behind the last cyclist as far as possible.

No. The event is a sporting challenge with the aim being to finish it! If an individual cyclist wishes to compete against one another or go for a personal best, that is no problem.

Tickets can be purchased up to 12 noon on Friday 1st June 2018. Entries after this time can be made at the registration desk from 7.45am on the day of the event.

There are various points along the routes where spectators could catch up with their family or friends; however in many cases, because it is an off road event, these are fairly difficult to access.

The venue has basic facilities such as toilets, but the pretty town centre of Southwell is within walking distance and there are cafes and pubs open for refreshments. Also, Southwell Minster and the National Trusts Workhouse are well worth a visit.

Yes. The routes all start at the same point and signs along the route will tell you when to turn to continue on your chosen course.

When you register, you are merely indicating which route you are likely to do on the day (which helps us organise the refreshments), but it is flexible and if you are feeling particularly energetic on the day and wish to be more ambitious, or on the other hand if the conditions are challenging then you can adjust to suit yourself.

Please note that the Red and Black routes are only open to those aged 12 and over.

We have a number of rescue vehicles to facilitate this eventuality. However, if your child is under 12 he/she will have to be accompanied by an adult other than the rescuer. We also recommend that you take puncture repair kits with you.

No. Sorry. We do not give refunds for cancellation – but just think of the good your money will be doing.

Event Rules

Before signing up to Reach Off Road, please read our event rules. By signing up to the event, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

Event Rules and Declaration

  • The Roads used in REACH OFF-ROAD have not been closed for this event.
  • Whilst the majority of them will be very quiet caution must be taken at all times.
  • Always assume that there is a vehicle around the next bend or approaching from behind. If unsure ride in single
  • You must Slow down for and be courteous to other land users such as walkers and horse riders.
  • Remember this is not a race.
  • You must report to the finish even if you retire. It is imperative that we are able to ensure all riders have returned
    safely. If you do not report back when retiring and a search for you is instigated by the emergency services you
    will be liable to pay for the costs of the search.
  • You must wear a helmet throughout the duration of the entire event.
  • You must ensure your bike is fit for purpose and roadworthy.
  • Family riders must stay within voice contact at all times.
  • You must only ride on legal rights of way for cyclists – public roads, bridleways. Do not use footpaths or private
    roads/tracks unless the event organiser has gained special permission for you to do so and these are clearly
    marked on the event and/or master maps.
  • Whilst the event is fully covered it is only in relation to the planned routes. If riders leave these routes the
    organisers can’t guarantee support in case of a breakdown or accident.
  • Please follow the off-road code and shut all gates behind you. Mountain Biking only exists with the consent of the
    owners of the land on which we ride. Please do nothing that would make them complain against us.
  • The Marshals will be standing down and the event will be deemed closed at 4pm. So please calculate your start
    time accordingly. Please note that the Black Route can be particularly tough!


I accept that taking part in this event is by its nature hazardous and contains certain inherent risks. I agree that I
participate entirely at my own risk and accept that the event organisers and their associates are not liable for any loss,
damage, claim, expense, injury or accidents which may arise as a consequence of my negligence at this event.

I will cycle with care and attention, abiding by the rules of the event and remain responsible for my own property. I
agree to abide by the Highway Code, the Country Code and the Event Rules as displayed at the venue. I am in good
health and sufficiently fit to safely complete my chosen route.

I agree for photos taken of me (and my family, if signing on behalf of) to be used for marketing purposes.

[If signing this declaration on behalf of a family or group of riders I confirm they understand the Event Rules and agree
with this declaration]

Click here to open our Terms and Declaration form as a pdf

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